Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Measuring Around the Room

Here is another quick activity I made while driving to the campgrounds...Measuring Around the Room. I'm still trying to figure out how to post the image from Google docs, but for now just click on the plant below to check out the worksheet.

Sight Word Spelling Practice

* The link on the palm tree should be fixed now, please let me know if it isn't working again. Thanks! *

Back from our first family vacation...We went camping with my family...It was so much fun, but so cold.

Six more days of school!!! Not that I'm counting or anything.  

Anyways, while driving to the campsite (4 hour drive) the baby slept and my husband drove so I got out my computer and made a fun little sight word game.  I'm starting a new sight word spelling program next year and my students will practice weekly spelling words and sight words each week during Word Work in Daily 5.  This game is just a simple and fun practice when they finish the daily "must do" assignment. If you are interested in assessing your students on the spelling of sight words and helping each student keep track of their progress check out Beth Newingham's site on scholastic by clicking here. She is AMAZING!

If you would like to download my sight word game click on the tree below. 
I know it showed up as three pages, it's only two pages, one is blank. Cut out the game and glue it in a file folder or on a piece of construction paper and laminate for durability. 


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plural Noun Pack!

Oh my what a week...Only 12 more school days left!

       I know this year isn't even over yet, but I am already thinking about next year. The last few months I have been experimenting with both a math and writing workshop, and I LOVE it! I will post more about them later.  I already do Daily 5 during my reading block.
      I feel that teaching using a workshop style (small groups) gives me the chance to work closer with my students. I went back and forth with the idea for months. I kept asking myself, is it better to just do whole group instruction where I am teaching longer, or shorter small groups instructions? After much thought I decided I would try workshop because I do think that the smaller more concentrated groups will be more beneficial than whole group instruction that drags on and the kids stop listening anyways. So far it's been going great in my class.  The only problem I am running into is that I don't have enough stuff to keep the other kids busy with meaningful work. So hence the blog...I figure if I am making all these things anyways I might as well share them.

        Anyways...now that my baby boy is feeling much better I have got him back sleeping in his bed and have time to create. This week I worked on a Plural Noun Pack...This pack has lots of fun goodies from whole class games to worksheets and independent practice games. Check it out at TPT.  With this pack I even made my first set of task cards...I am a task card addict! 

Plural Pack includes: Task cards, I have...Who has...?, worksheets, plural ending sort, file folder game, and a memory/concentration game. The packet is 18 pages plus a cover sheet sharing ideas on how to set up and use activities in your class.  Click on the top robot to check out the plural pack at TPT.

      I also made some classroom posters with the plural ending rules. Click on the robot below to check them out for FREE!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Arrrr! Me Treasure!

I'm home today with my poor little baby boy who is sick...he has an ear infection, pink eye, and a terrible cough.  I guess one plus to me working and him being in daycare is that he will have a strong immune system by the time he gets to kindergarten. 
I was in mommy mode all weekend so I didn't have a chance to post anything new.  He is napping now and I actually have a pretty clean house thank you to my wonderful husband who scrubbed the den and kitchen yesterday while I took care of the baby. He even rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned all the carpet. I am not sure what got into him, but I like it!!!
Anyways...as the school year comes to an end I am noticing a few of my second graders are still struggling with counting coins. So I've been working on a few games for them to do during math workshop. 
Click on the pirate below to download the game.

ARRR! Me Treasure! A Coin Counting Game. 

Thanks, Megan

P.S. I am working on putting all my pirate theme ideas into one document so keep an eye out for it...I will post it on here (for free) as soon as it's done!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pirate Puppy Place Value

My students are loving all these pirate themed file folder games that they get to practice during math workshop.

This game helps students with place value in the tens and one place. Students practice counting base ten blocks and match it with the correct numbers. Check out this game and others at tpt. My file folder games are all just one dollar and include directions for the teacher, directions and a title for the game, a title for the folder tab, game pieces, and a matching worksheet so you can check students understanding. Click on the pirate puppy to check out this place value game.


There, Their, and They're

     I made this game to help my students practice spelling and understanding the difference between the three forms of the word there. The sentences are all missing the word "there, their, or they're" and the students have to choose the correct form. I made this game a few weeks ago before I started the file folder games so it's not exactly a file folder game, but it could easily be made into one.   
     When playing this game with my class...I first did a mini lesson on the difference between the three words. I then gave half the students the sentence strips (after printing them on cardstock and laminating them) and half the students the scrolls with the different forms of "there". They had to move around the classroom and find a partner with the matching word or sentence...I had them link arms and freeze where they were and then we went around the room checking for answers. I am so proud of my students, they all found correct partners! They then went to their seats and each filled out the coordinating recording sheet. Click on the cross-bones to check out the game.


Hello fellow primary teachers...This year in my second grade class I have started teaching using mostly small group, workshop like settings. In order for me to meet with the students in small groups I need something for the other students to be working on.  I tried to think of something that would keep their interest, help them practice important skills, and mostly keep them from interrupting me while I am working with the other groups. So, I decided to start making file folder games, and my students love them! I make them using fun graphics that go with each of our themes..right now we are ending the year with a pirate/ocean theme...and the kids are loving the pirate games...sometimes I think they forget it's an educational game. Yesterday they got free choice when they finished their math work and most of them just wanted to play the file folder games...I was so excited!

Anyways, I have decided that a blog would be a fun way to share my games with other primary teachers.  I will post some here for free and put some on TPT for a dollar! Can't beat that! Enjoy and if you have any requests for themes or skills message me and I will see what I can come up with.
With Love,
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