Saturday, May 14, 2011

There, Their, and They're

     I made this game to help my students practice spelling and understanding the difference between the three forms of the word there. The sentences are all missing the word "there, their, or they're" and the students have to choose the correct form. I made this game a few weeks ago before I started the file folder games so it's not exactly a file folder game, but it could easily be made into one.   
     When playing this game with my class...I first did a mini lesson on the difference between the three words. I then gave half the students the sentence strips (after printing them on cardstock and laminating them) and half the students the scrolls with the different forms of "there". They had to move around the classroom and find a partner with the matching word or sentence...I had them link arms and freeze where they were and then we went around the room checking for answers. I am so proud of my students, they all found correct partners! They then went to their seats and each filled out the coordinating recording sheet. Click on the cross-bones to check out the game.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. You file folder games are awesome.


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