Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's See your Writing Centers and Ideas

   As I prepare to go back to school here in just 3 weeks...can't believe summer is almost over summer to do list isn't even half way completed yet... I am really looking for some help and ideas for teaching writing.
I teach 2nd grade and when it comes to teaching math and reading I'm pretty good to go, but I have always struggled with how best to teach writing. My district doesn't really have a set writing program...I have an old Step Up To Writing binder that was left behind by the last teacher, and I have just started reading through it today. I also read No More I'm Done by Jennifer Jacobson and really liked a lot that she had to offer. If you haven't read it yet, it's great.  I find myself going through each year teaching random writing lessons and struggling to keep it all together. After reading No More I'm Done, now I struggle with the idea of letting the kids choose their topic or choosing one for them.

   I know you all have so many amazing ideas and I would love to hear them...or if you know of someone else who has a great idea please link it up below or leave a comment.  I'm looking for ideas on how you teach writing as a whole, not just individual writing lessons, and I'd also love to see what some of your writing centers look like. My writing center is a work in progress, this will be my first year having one...I will post pics when I finish it next week.



  1. While I'm not a teacher, I linked up a few of the story starter ideas I've used to encourage my son to practice creative writing. (I hope that's okay!) These have been lots of fun and prompted some great stories!

  2. I love teaching writing .... my little kinders write all the time....mainly from a writing web... I am redecorating my writing center this summer....I linked up a picture but also read the Under The Sea Posts they are about writing too.


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