Saturday, July 16, 2011

Same Sound Task Cards

In the first few weeks of school, I spend a lot of time reviewing the phonics skills my students learned in first grade. I've noticed in years past that the students often remember the basics, but forget the knowing that there is more than one spelling for long vowel and other special vowel words. 
They usually just need a little reminder to get the juices flowing.

I love using task cards in my class. I have used them as a whole group "scoot" activity, for partners, and individual work. The best part about task cards is that I can get a quick assessment of my students abilities on any given topic.

How to use Task Cards:

1. Whole Group Scoot: Each student gets one card. Depending on the concept, I give them a minute or two to answer the question. Then I say scoot and they move to the next number and work on that problem(This does take a little practice). The students love any chance to move around. One year I had a problem with lice, so I sometimes have the students stay in their seat and just "Pass" the cards. At the end I collect all the cards and then go over them one by one whole group. Students correct with a pen or marker and then I can see what they know.

2. Partner Scoot: Same as above, I just have the students work with partners. I do this when I don't have 25 cards or when a concept is difficult (usually math concepts).

3. Individual: I put a sticker on the back of the card where the answer is, and the students use clothes pins to choose an answer, by placing the clip on the answer they think is correct. Then they flip over their cards and self-check their answers by seeing if the clothes pin lines up with the sticker. I usually do this once we have already used the set of cards whole group.

I usually print two sets of cards. One for whole group/partner scoot and one for individual practice.  

Here are some "same sound task cards" I just created...please let me know if you find any mistakes...its almost 1am and I have been up with my little guy since 6 this morning. I usually number them, but forgot, so I will just write numbers on them before I laminate them.  I also suggest printing task cards on cardstock for durability. 

Click the apple to download the task cards.

Off to bed I go....can't believe I almost have 100 followers...I may just have to do a little giveaway soon!


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